New Arrival and recommend products

          New arrival
         Super Waste Processor

World's first magnetic processor for plastic waste, rubber waste, medical waste etc

          New arrival 
      Passport reader

Passport IC chip reader and picture scanner to storer CSV holder


 Portable counterfeit money detector 

    US$ bill detector EXC-5700A


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Super Waste Processor The solution for the plastic waste, landfill and reduction of carbon altogether
Super Waste Processor is the innovative decomposer that does not burn but decompose using only magnetic organic materials into ash and liquid tar. Compared with combustion-type incinerators, the decomposer features low-carbon, reduced residue formation and long life, dramatically reducing the initial and operational unit cost.
World-first bending manual hard drive destroyer Crush Box HDB-20V-E
New Crush Box HDB-20V-E is the world-first hard disc drive manual destroyer that can bend and punch the drives. Digital Streams launched the product in August 2015. It is the suitable destroyer for small volume destruction at the offices and schools or on-site service at the customer.
Distributor for Matsumura counterfeit bill detector
We have signed distributor agreement with Matsumura Engineering for sell counterfeit bill detector today. We are in charged with exporting and Japan domestic sales.
MASAMUNE Hard disc drive data backward reading recovery and clone solution
Auto COLD Automated data backup solution